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An Ary is a perfectionist! She gets it right every time and she always seems to know what you are talking about even if you can't make a coherent sentence. She takes the longest showers ever. She is late a lot because of this. She gets good grades! An Ary has the best food in her house and is a very stylish girl. She is great to go shopping with because she helps you find all the stylish stuff. Ary gets very excited for cliche things, for example she might clap very loudly for speeches. Her room is very messy and she might apologize for it. Her house is usually the best! An Ary is a great listener and a great story teller as well.
Jane: Hey I love it when I'm with her.
Kelly: DUH, she's Ary.
by ^^^&^^^& June 12, 2009

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