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A person who is in band and affiliates with band. Spends most of their time in the band room doing scales sheets, practicing their instrument/music, doing nothing at all, or better yet... To piss off the band director. Often talks about band related things, mostly awesome composers and pieces ever made. Can be random at times, talking about CSI, Les Mis (Best Musical Ever Made!), House, DCI, etc. Also loves to make videos of themselves or other band geeks. These videos are often recorded at band fundraisers, the band room, football games, or around school campus. If things in the band room get boring, a band geek tends to mess around with the band director's van or car. Band geeks can be some of the the coolest people you'll ever meet.
John: Hey Tom! How was Band Camp?

Tom: It was like Band Geek Heaven!
by [too cool to list on here] December 31, 2008
A often short person who conducts or directs a band. Has no life, assigning students scales sheets for their grades, and telling lame jokes. Often can be desperate at times. Can be cool at times, but most of the time they can be @$$holes.
Cool Band Director:
Hey he's one of the coolest Band Directors ever!

Lame Band Director:
This Band Director can't conduct for crap!
by [too cool to list on here] December 29, 2008

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