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lol/lolz = laugh out loud
1337 = see leet
rofl/rotfl = rolling on the floor laughing
stfu = shut the f*ck up
stmfhub = shut the motherf*cking h*ll up bi*ch
g2g/gtg = got to go
omg = oh my god
wtf? = what the f*ck
wtfwt = what the f*ck was that?
meh = tch
wth = what the heck/what the h*ll
fps = frames per second/ first person shooter
zomg = over used version of omg
haha = haha
gth = go to h*ll
lmao = laughing my a*s off
lmfao = laughing my f*cking a*s off
hacker = someone who cheats
haxer = hacker
u = you
ur = your
4 = for
2 = to
noob = a beginner or someone who is not good
nub = noob
kick = remove
ban = permanently remove
lemme = let me
dunno = dont know
sometin = something
p*ssy = sex
... = ok, i dont really care
g4u = good for you
ferst = first
CS = Good first person shooter
These all i can think of on the top of my head,

The 11yr old CS playa
A game of cs with internet lingo in use

person 1 Dude, wtf?
person 2 stfu noob
person 1 haxer
person 2 lol im 2 good 4 u
person 1 gth haxer
person 2 lmfao why don't you ban me b*tch
person 2 rotfl ur just a nub
person 1 lemme show u sometin
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
person 1 *BANG HEADSHOT*
Person 2 has left the server
by [iX]-ST-AreNoth December 13, 2006
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