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Justice is viewed from my point of view as what the society tells you whats right from wrong. judging others by what you believe is a total waste of time considering you were raised learning and thinking you knew everything there was about justice. However, justice is just another state of mind in which you think and hope you are doing the right thing. But, Wonder: What is TRUE Justice? Is there even an Absolute justice? What is Right from Wrong? How can i be sure to tell the difference?
Therefore i believe that one should make their own justice that is reasonably close to what society is going by and live by this one code.
A: You are wrong to insult another.
B: Why not?
A: It just isnt right (not justice)
B: Who told you this in the first place?
A: The rest of society
B: What if the rest of society was wrong?
B: Who told society what to do?
B: Was society not the one who came up with insults in the first place?
by [cj] January 12, 2009

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