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1. Savannah,GA;derived from the word "seaport" because of its link to the river and ocean.
2. Another one of the GA's finest cities 2nd to Atlanta b.K.a. A-Town. This city was also the hometown to music artist such as Nivea and the late Camoflauge.abv:CPT SAV
"I wanna give a shout-out to all my niggas reppin dat C-Port and R.I.P. my nigga 'Flauge..."
by [Anonymous] February 09, 2005
It's not something to joke about! It's not painless, it's not "release", it's not "deliverance", it shouldn't be considered brave, it's just killing yourself. People usually commit suicide over petty, temporary problems, accompanied by large amounts of self-pity. EVERY problem has a solution! Don't take the coward's way out! It's true, you will end your suffering once you're dead. But it's not like you're going to feel anything at all- YOU'RE DEAD. Unless you're terminally ill, beyond treatment and suffering every second, don't even consider an intentional death. You may be free of the pain but your friends, family and loved ones will suffer.
Hey kids! Shooting yourself in the head may LOOK fun but it actually hurts! Even if the pain won't last too long because you'll be DEAD in a few seconds.
by [anonymous] March 20, 2004
God's secret weapon
God loves you rather you think He's real or not
by [anonymous] January 18, 2004
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