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6 definitions by [_JC_]

American/European traditional name derived from the Latin word amâta, meaning "Beloved."

Famous people who have shared this name:

Amy Adams
Amy Carter
Amy Grant
Amy Irving
Amy Johnson
Amy Ray
Amy Tan
Amy Winehouse

Amy can also be a nickname of the word Amelia.
Man: Amy, you are my Beloved.
by [_JC_] November 13, 2007
An excuse that people make because they don't like something as much as someone else, and they hate how much other people like it.
Bob: "That Final Fantasy VII game is so overrated! People only like it 'cause everyone else likes it. Oh my god I hate it.

Carl: "Shut up Bob."
by [_JC_] October 24, 2007
The act of not screwing up during a mission.
Person 1: Dude, I heard the SEAL Team got whiped out in that last mission.
Person 2: Almost, there was a single survivor though. He managed to get away.
Person 1: That man must be Heroic.
by [_JC_] November 14, 2007
This guy is the coolest dude on Swift IRC and Runescape. Also the creator of iJump, iKick's bestest most retarded bot buddy in the whole wide world. Kingtrunks is also quite often known as the "Huggle Nazi." Meaning, one who dictates who gives hugs and who doesn't. Also said to give the best hugs in the worlds. For another definition, see Jon.
Kingtrunks is the coolest dude on runescape!
by [_JC_] July 26, 2007
The Huggle Nazi. What's more to say? He dictates who huggles who, when, where, how, and why. People who do not obey the Huggle Nazi, are immediately sent to a pit where they're forced to huggle ugly people forever. See also, Kingtrunks.
The Huggle Nazi orders you to huggle your mama!
by [_JC_] July 26, 2007
Perhaps the most retarded bot on SwiftIRC, little sibling bot of iKick.
Hey look! It's iJump...oh what's that it's doing? The hell? Hey somebody stop the thing! Who's the idiot that made this thing, anyway?
by [_JC_] August 04, 2007