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Bash: to flame; to put down

A term used when fellow watchers, readers, and fans of an anime/manga/book/TV series put down, flame, and say derogatory things about a certain character or pairing in a nasty way to show their disapproval towards that character and/or pairing. Can be seen both in fanfiction and discussion forums.

Most fans are seen flaming a certain character because he/she is interfering with their favorite pairing in the show:
-In the Digimon 02 fandom, fans who support the pairing Takari (TK x Kari) are usually seen bashing Davis, who has a huge, seemingly annoying, crush on Kari.

-In the Inuyasha fandom, many, many fans bashes the character Kikyo because she interferes with the ever popular Inuyasha x Kagome pairing, since she is Inuyasha's "ex-girlfriend".

by [.Spirit.Nin.] November 28, 2006

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