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To be completely apathetic in every respect. Deficient in decision-making skills. Negligent about many matters of importance to many people (shaving in the morning etc.) Careless about many issues. Lets other people (namely Nazi-like mothers) control their actions from lack of motivation to do anything. Slow. Often times shallow and very strange... likes to drink condiments. Unwilling to make decisions without unnecessarily long times for deliberation, often delegating such tasks of pronouncement to those more apt and disposed to make them.

Common responses from a bosk when asked a question are "I don't know," "I don't care," "Um..." or "Wait, what?"
Matt is really bosk... he just doesn't care about anything. I asked him what he wanted to eat and he was like "I dunno." Then I asked him what he wanted to play and he just shrugged... he was bored and he didn't even care!
by [<ABSENT>prodigy] July 07, 2006
See also Obsessed, Fanatic, Zealot, Cult Classic and Cult Movie
Someone who is completely obsessed with some sort of cult fiction (Example: Lost, WoW, Star Trek, Napoleon Dynamite, Family Guy, Halo, Star Wars, Pokemon etc)
Guy: "Man, Chris is really into Lost"
Girl: "Yeah, like he is Costelloed to it"
Guy: "That's pretty strong to say he's Costelloed"
Girl: "Well, he spends hours researching all the literature associated with it"
Guy: "You're right, he is a total Lost Costello"
by [<ABSENT>prodigy] July 07, 2006
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