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A nick name applied to Dr Dan Poulter, Minister for Health in the UK coalition Government that took office in 2010. The epithet emerged after Dr Poulter's apparently spurious claims to have regularly worked over 100hours per week when training as a junior doctor. This would have been illegal following the European Working Time Directive (EWT) and exposed the hospitals Dr Poulter worked for to considerable fines.
The following is a hypothetical Twitter conversation.

Dr Poulter - Whut up yo? Things have changed for these young'uns since back in the dayz. I be puttin in post-EWT WORK fo my scrilla

Dr Deveson (Arch Nemesis of D100) - Sit yo punk ass down fool, and quit 'yo bitchin. You don *know* work. You a D100!

Dr Dan - You crossed a line mane. Im oudda Twitter. This shit is whack.
by @Jeremy_Twunt September 10, 2012

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