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3 definitions by @ITSmaddnNG

Pronunciation:\ eye-fallt \
Function: noun

mistake made by a person whose attention is dedicated to their iPhone.
That person walked into me because of their own iPhault. Had they been looking where they were walking they wouldn't be wearing my latte.
by @ITSmaddnNG February 10, 2010
Function: adjective
Pronunciation: \muh-ˈluh-shəs\
sweetly given to
On Valentine's Day, I surrendered to my husband's maluscious wilds.
by @ITSmaddnNG February 09, 2010
American cousin to the ancient breed of toy dog originating from China. As opposed to the pekingese, which have a loving docile nature towards its owner, the American punkingese is a loud, obnoxious beast.
My punkingese was removed from his play group for being too aggressive towards the other dogs.
by @ITSmaddnNG January 07, 2010