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In males, the early morning piss in which the stream tends to split into at least a couple different directions; in the most extreme cases, this can cause a good bit of piss to end up on the rim of the toilet bowl
Damn this morning splitter. I don't have time to be wipin piss off the rim of the toilet today.
by @$$Y McGee April 13, 2008
The ability to see a small object on the road and align your vehicle's tire just right so that it crushes the small object (like unopened/or opened beverage cans, and--if youre real deranged--small rodents like possums, squirrels, etc)
Dude did you see that guy turn that bunny into roadkill?? He's gotta have hella good tire-eye coordination to be able to do that!!
by @$$Y McGee April 13, 2008

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