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a bisexual who attends fitzharrys school (beware if you are a boy he may approach you and touch your arse) He is often mistaken for devina mcall so beware. he has a mullet hair cut and knows nothing about bikes. He cant do fuck all on a bike and buys really shit frames e.g ddg slammer
you look like peers wood
by ??????? June 17, 2004
a small area of radley cramed with council houses. All the people are related and are fat e.g ryan. THEY ARE ALL INBREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have sex with each other and have gay sayings like BANG. It stinks like shit and all the people have armpit hair including the women.
i live in stonehouse
by ??????? June 17, 2004
jock like rocker with a clown haircut
by ??????? September 01, 2003
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