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An activity done the night before haloween, where idiots tourch abandoned homes. Originally started in Detroit.
Your scared of haloween? What about devils night? Now thast something to worry about!
by =PaRtY_BaG= July 22, 2004
A polynesian-themed restaurant located in Detroit, Michigan. Closed since the '70s. Featured in the film "8 Mile". Some wonder if Marvin Chin will re-open the Chin Tiki soon.
I wonder if the Chin Tiki will ever re-open?
by =PaRtY_BaG= June 14, 2004
A FPS created by the U.S. Army as a recruiting tool. It is 100% free and 100% realistic. Includes an anti-cheat program called Punkbuster. Updates are one or twice a year.
Wanna frag it up in AA?
by =PaRtY_BaG= October 05, 2004
A total eyesore. Usually forest and buildings are torn down for these, but in the end there is a surplus anyways. Made for cars to park in.
The whole world is gonna be a damn parking lot.
by =PaRtY_BaG= July 25, 2004

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