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Harajuku,a district of Tokyo, which has become the hang-out of super-trendy teenage girls & young adults go to express their love of this small segent of Japanese culture, mainly on Harajuku Bridge or Harajuku Station. Harajuku became famous in the 1980s due to the large numbers of street performers and wildly dressed teens who gathered there on Sundays when Omotesando was closed to traffic. The large range of shops and boutiques also attracted these uber trendy girls on the persuit of cute.
There are six differant styles : wamono, decora, sex kitten, gothic lolita, gothic maid & cyber fashion.
Harajuku girls were initally inspired by the 80's band Shampoo and since then the subculture has developed rapidly.
Its terrible how Gwen Stefani decided to make herself spokesperson of Harajuku girls when she has no conection to Japanese culture what-so-ever. She does not deserve to be associated with the these super kawaii kids!
wannabe-jap-kid: "kawaii ne?"

me: "stop showing off your use of Jananese!...You're not a Harajuku Girl!"

wannabe-jap-kid: *runs away crying*

me: *dances*
by =^.^= February 25, 2007

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