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best friends for life- someone who is always there for you, someone you can trust, rely, and depend on. A shoulder to cry on, a mouth to laugh with, an ear to tell secrets too.. Someone who no matter what happens between you guys you will always forgive them and make UP..a bffl is someone you hang out with a talk to and tell more to then regular friends tehre the ultimate friends.. the best and the highest..
brittney and kaitlyn we're soo close they were more then friends they were bffls.
by <3.kaitlyn.<3 March 04, 2006
a slut may not be someone who sleeps around.. you can be a virgin and be a slut..for ex. if you go out iwht alot of guys and cheat on them then you are a slut..if you wear relle tight and small clothes you are a SLUT!!
eww look at michelles mini skirt and tube top that fits like a bra what a slut.

omg sara has had like 99999 boy friends this year what a slut.
by <3.kaitlyn.<3 March 04, 2006

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