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(n) A Japanese emoticon used to convey the act of bowing to another. This usually means you admire something of them, or wish to show respect. In some cultures, bowing is also a way of greeting one another (however, if you use this emoticon to greet someone who is not from a culture of bowing, then you will most likely confuse them).
{Example 1}
Sensei (teacher): Goodmorning, pupil.

Student: m(_ _)m

{Example 2}
1: I just beat Halo2 in like an hour!!

2: Was this your first time playing?

1: YEAH!!!

2: m(_ _)m You are truly talented.
by <(o.0;)> October 16, 2008
(n) A Japanese emoticon symbolizing a cat. This icon is called a "neko" for those who are deeply immersed in the Japanese Culture. To use this emoticon, wait for someone to say something that you wish to respond to with a cute smile.

note: this is most commonly used by females. this can be used as an answer to a question or comment, or however else you wish to use an emoticon.
Girl: egads, I have a shit load of homework...

Boy: -virtual hug!!-

Girl: (=^.^=) awwww!!
by <(o.0;)> October 16, 2008
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