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The act or process of getting down and dirty in a jeep, followed by getting down and dirty on a jeep.

* The act which causes the most surface damage to the jeep has yet to be determined.
Q: "Dude, how'd you get that big ass dent on your hood?"

A: "Wranglin' the jeep" (*winks at other dude).
by ;) March 11, 2005
When a chick is taking it in the vag and the ass and giving head while giveing 2 handies. looks liek she is flapping with the handies
dude1: wanna have a flying albertross with jen
dude2: yeah but were 3 short
dude1:bags backdoor
by ;) August 02, 2004
Awesome girl who resides in Southern California with an obsession for Evanescence, Amy Lee, sex, and shows.
I saw Venescha the other day at an Evanescence show and she humped my leg.
by ;) June 05, 2004
A large dumbfounded oaf with a fat head, occasionaly having one or more lumpy nipples.
Watch out for that wamek over there his nipple will poke your eye out.
by ;) July 01, 2003
Noun: One who looks like a primate; see Gorilla
Did lastwurm just sexor that ape?
by ;) March 12, 2003
1. (noun) something unstoppable

2. (noun) a phrase that you would do almost anything to understand

3. (noun) a story stolen from a friend and told as if it were your own
"can't stop the bear drive..."
"what the hell does that mean?!"
"i dunno... ask J.A."
by ;) December 02, 2004
A noun meaning to fake one's death through the use of chat and lurk for many years to come while vowing through others that you are really dead.

This is similar to the phenomenon of leaving chat 'forever' and returning 5 mins later.
As well as faking a stroke or serious illness to gain attention.
The 'death' of CHE, the 'stroke' of Mikron and many other incidents of chatdom.
by ;) November 19, 2004

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