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the point of exhaustion that increases your chance of oversleeping, lowering of immune system against simple viruses, zoning or staring and forgetting things. Usually occurs when not given time to recover from either long missions or just not getting a whole day off long periods of time. Reported effects : Decrease in work ethic or quantity, desire to do anything but sleep or stare at a wall, Iranesia, and pretending to be people or characters that are not exactly real. (Ie: a storm trooper)
I've been working my ass off! So yea, I feel a little sluffled this week
by :.Fallen.: October 08, 2007
Unit wide… legendary po(a)g. Someone who refuses to admit that EMO is long since dead and literally makes it a point to be everything that they can’t be… (in the army) haha and everywhere else ;) Cutting optional.
Seriously, her pogacy is overwhelming.
by :.Fallen.: October 08, 2007
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