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the sweetest guy that you will ever meet. he will make you feel like you are really special and will make sure that if you are hurt to not hurt you in that way ever. if you have had any bad experiences with guys in the past this guy will make you realize that there are nice guys still out there. he will take care of you when you are having a bad day and will make you feel so much better about yourself. you will be able to move on from anything bad that has happened with other guys by getting an Aj in your life to help. he will make you feel so special and loved again that you wont want to let him leave your life which he doesn't mind because he will want to be your friend.
girl 1: i need someone to talk to and my best friend is too far away.
Aj: you can come talk to me. i am here for you and will listen to what ever you need to talk about.
by :)cupcakes November 17, 2012
an asshole who will use you and not give a fuck about it. he will make you feel so special and like you are going to date. he just does this to get in your pants cause that's all he wants is sex. he uses all the girls in his life that don't see this coming. they all think that he is their's then he uses them and fucks another girl in the same week as you. he does not care about girls feelings after he gets in her pants. he puts up the front that he cares about everything and once he gets in he stops caring. he will never text you again first. you will forever have to be the one that texts him and he will not care he already has more girls all lined up and ready to go.
girl 1: i got used by him
girl 2: he is such a t.j.
by :)cupcakes November 17, 2012

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