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to be unaware of the fact that your the third wheel, or to constatly be keeping a couple from going into "cake mode"
to purposally keep a couple from caking or two people from flirting
girl 1: hey, look at dave & kirston..
girl 2: haha, their tryig to be alone!
girl 1: too bad tyler isn't letting that happen, he's cock blocking!!
girl 2: yeah! i mean, obviously they came here to cake, not so they could listen to tyler talk about his "issues" ?! haha
by &roni;hollaaa April 30, 2009
to cake; to be flirting, & be in a state refferred to as "caking" mode, or bettty crocker mode, since in fact she makes cakes
big brother b.j: what the hell veronica?
veronica: what b.j.?!
big borhter b.j: i saw you!
veronica: b.j, saw me what!?
big brother b.j: i saw you ol' light skinned ass over there just a min ago.
veronica: andd? what about it?
big brother b.j: i saw you in betty crocker mode
by &roni;hollaaa April 30, 2009

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