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3 definitions by $tephanie

when two girls are friends and lovers
Those two girls are more than friends, they are breast friends!
by $tephanie April 17, 2006
The hump of snow at the foot of your driveway after the city snowplow comes through your street.
After the last snowflake landed, I finished shoveling my driveway but this morning I woke up to find a damn snowplump sitting there!
by $tephanie December 10, 2007
When the penis slips during the state of orgasm to aim and shoot the male in the face with his own cum. Normally he is laying down or reclined during sexual intercourse or masturbation. An accidental act.
During sexual intercourse with my partner, he/she suddenly jumped up from being on top and I received a faceshot! I think I got some in my mouth!
by $tephanie August 17, 2006