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19 definitions by $nowman'$exy

getting drunk. excessively kickn a few back.
lets get slizard tonight. that shit sounds good to me. i got a case of budweiser so we gettin slizard tonight.
by $nowman'$exy April 26, 2010
this is the new slogan for mariage.
the couple said til death do us part, but in actuality it will be more like til debt do us part.
by $nowman'$exy April 08, 2010
It means really confused. It is actually confused spelled backwards.
This dude was desufnoc when he was on jerry springer and he didnt know what his girl was going to tell him.
by $nowman'$exy April 03, 2010
Adjective. 1. Feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity assiosiated with using the internet and being on the computer constantly.
im keybored today and every other day because my mail box is full of spam, and all the comments i read on youtube are spam. i watch the same youtube videos all day to see how many views they have...im keybored. my girlfriends' left me so they could be more intuned to their keyboredness. ughh...i lost my job because i was a straight up keybored.
by $nowman'$exy March 05, 2012
a free online game that is very addictive.
person 1: are you going out tonight?
person 2: no, im going to play give up robot all fucking night.
person 1: thats cool, i love that game too.
by $nowman'$exy July 08, 2010
fake. not real by any means. complete bullshit.
her breast are like a 4 dollar bill. some of these people these days are like a 4 dollar bill. those gucci glasses are like a 4 dollar bill.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010
a new word for breast.( not reffering to breast milk, just a new word for nice lookin titties)
she got some nice milkies, i would like to suck on them. damn baby gurl let me see those milkies. you pay her money to look at those milkies and she lets me suck on them for free.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010