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vintage life-stylists who frequent Tiki lounges, listen to exotica music, collect Polynesian art, wear vintage Hawaiian clothing, mix a mean drink
All the Tikiphiles are meeting up tonight for drinks
by $ally August 02, 2007
let's get things started
C'mon, what are we waiting for? Let's get crack'n
by $ally August 02, 2007
custom car show types, very distinct group, like the mafia without money, hardcore about their way of chain-smoking, PBR guzzling, Sailor Jerry tattoos, random trysts, burger eating, listen to new rockabilly and sometimes psychobilly, chop and alter classic vehicles.
The bar was full of kustom kulturists
by $ally August 02, 2007
Model who poses for vintage style photography (1920-50)
She's a retro model for a high end clothing line
by $ally August 02, 2007
vintage life-stylists who like early 60s clothing, music, and goofy motorbikes of the mod rock era
I saw some re-mod rockers ride past here
by $ally August 02, 2007
Vintage life-stylists who perform old style burlesque strip tease. Most try to adhere to an authetic show with period correct costume, music, and seductive moves of bump & grind, peel & reveal. More tease than strip. Deragatory term
Those tacky Burly Qs are just glorified pole dancers
by $ally August 02, 2007
anyone who belongs to a historic car club
the parking lot was full of car-clubbers
by $ally August 02, 2007
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