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2 definitions by $PMONEY$

A snoregasm commences when one slowly begins to snore. Gradually the snoring increases in both loudness and inflection until said snorer reaches the climactic audibility at which point he or she abruptly stops snoring. At this point the snoregasm has been achieved. Post snoregasm, one may or may not disenthrall a sigh of relief.
Whilst watching the football game at Steve's house, Corpulent Carl maliciously consumed nearly all 24 PBRs he had brought with him. Not even reaching the final quarter of the game, Carl abruptly became inexorably comatose in Steve's recliner at which point he began to snore. The snoring became exponentially louder and louder with every breath that was taken until those violent flood gates opened and snoregasm was achieved. With a sigh of relief and satifaction, Carl rolled to his side releasing a fowl, sulfuric fart. Steve, being a sober witness to the events, was never the same. The image of Corpulent Carl's daunting smile post snoregasm forever haunts his dreams.
by $PMONEY$ December 23, 2009
A group of musically talentless "artists" that all wear bandannas regardless of whether they are practicing, sitting around tell everyone how great their music is and how they are way ahead of their time, or in the less likely of instances, actually playing a gig.
Dude, did you check out that group last night?

You mean the band-danna? Yeah, I guess they were pretty good, especially if you like Jersey Shore.
by $PMONEY$ January 16, 2010