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Leeanna is an amazing person. she is usually really quiet at first until she is sure of herself. she can be mean if u get on her bad side so u might wanna stay off of it.great in bed, and gives GREAT head. known as the "experienced virgin" or the "educated virgin". not scared to be herself and has lots of guy friends. doesnt really like commitment if you don't want her to hang with her friends and she will dump you in a heart beat. not snobby, and she's just the shit. she is a bitch alot, but she tells the truth.she will alwayz make you smile no matter what, and particularly falls for brown heads.
person one: omg. who the fuck is that? she's awesome.
person two: that? that's Leeanna, duh.
by $ItsBrandeezyBitch!$ January 07, 2010
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