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1)Actions that are deemed to be cheap, such as stealing the last slice, taking shotgun even when someone else has called it, and being overall cheap and jewish like my uncle.

2)Doing something in a video game that is cheap, sneeky, or blatently against the stated rules. Also as being the cheapest character in the game or betraying your team mates. SEE Joey Tactics...Also, modding, standby-ing, circle boosting, dummy glitching, super-bouncing, or getting the shotgun or sword.
1)Guy #1:I call shotgun
Guy #2:*runs to the car and gets in anyways*...friggen twitty

2)Guy #1: I am going to pwn this noob
Guy #2: No way man, *switches SMG with sword and slashes opponent*
Guy #1: Jew Tactics
by $$K-Rock$$ March 30, 2006

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