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1 definition by #kidkat12

Jaidyn is a kind hearted boy and has always got a lovely way of words when speaking to his girlfriend, other wise he is the cheekiest bloke. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and can always take a joke. He is usaully tall and is very hot. He has the hearts of many girls but only gives his heart to the girl he truely loves.
When Jaidyn talks about his life with you, he means it. He is very faithful in a relationship and makes the girl overwhelmed by how incredibly romantic and funny he is. Whe he has a girlfriend he makes sure she is cherished and finds it hard to go a few days without seeing her. He will always make time for her.
He only dates girls if he knows he loves her. He will always be kind to you no matter what.

He is very playful and cheeky and usaully you will find him being a fan of 'Star Wars' or other typical guy movies. He loves having fun and aint afriad to show it.

Jaidyns are Sexy, Funny, To die for eyes, Great personality, Sweet, Loving <3
Jaidyn: I love you.
Girl: Awh! I love you more!
Jaidyn: Impossible <3
by #kidkat12 July 02, 2012
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