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A british chap working for Rooster Teeth, and creator of The Slow Mo Guys. Also goes by his codename "Vav".

He is perhaps best known for his invention of new words, and his facination with hypothetical questions. Gavin is often made fun of because of his occasional odd statements, and has been called the Karl Pilkington of Rooster Teeth.
Below is a list of famous Gavin Free quotes:

"I was just typing, and in the middle of the sentence I forgot how to read and write"

"People like grapes"

"Tease it!"

"I'm getting right minged off"

"All of a sudden, I’m strapped to a stretcher that’s being like wheeled out the back of an ambulance, and I was like ‘What am I doing? How did I get in this situation?’. I just agree to stuff, it’s weird."


"Would you have sexual intercourse with a fleshlight that was your face with an open mouth?"

"What happens is, you do something good, but your brain doesn’t remember the thing that you did. And my brain is just rejecting all of this."

"You know if you say ‘beer can’ in an English accent, it’s ‘bacon’ in Jamaican."

"Why does internet have to come from Earth? Why don’t they have Mars internet?"

"I once got hit in the balls with a frozen egg"

"I don’t read the news or pay attention to current events. Knowledge is hassle."
by #DanTheMan February 23, 2013

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