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a mustache and/or beard.
"I haven't shaved my face for a week, my pussy tickler grew in pretty fast."
by "ode" February 18, 2006
When two individuals are side by side, one tall, slim, and slender and the other the total opposite, vertically challenged and overweight.
"look at those two walking together, they look like a spaghetti & meatball"
by "ode" February 17, 2006
One that is vertically challenged and at the same time overweight.
"That dude can't beat me at basketball, just look at him, he's a jumbo shrimp."
by "ode" February 18, 2006
Another word to describe a homosexual.
"look at the way he walks, you could tell he's a hula hoop."
by "ode" February 18, 2006
A very tall woman and/or also used as a figure of speech, saying that something is very high up there.
"Man, when I hit that joint, I was higher than giraffe pussy."
by "ode" February 18, 2006
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