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A fake person. Usually in high school or middle school. Try too hard to blend in with the group that they want to fit into. Unfortunately, the ones who try and be punks and goths usually set the stereotypical goth and punk style so no one knows what either group really is except for the true ones.
1) Poser Punk: Jack went out and bought a skateboard and considered himself to be a 'punk'. When asked by a real skater if he could do a nollie, he replied, 'a what? Is that where you take one foot off of the skateboard?'
2) Poser Goth: Daniel considered himself a goth. He shopped all the time at Hot Topic. One day, another goth bumped into him and asked him what he thought about the Bauhaus. His reply: "Is that a new drink out?"
by "ez" March 14, 2006

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