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Slang term for vagina. Called "anti-wang" because it is the opposite of a "wang". See also: Pussy, vaghe, vaghtagh, vaghigh.
"Kara: Can't you guys have a conversation without saying anti-wang?
Gabe: Sure we anti-wang.
Tycho: Can.
Gabe: Can anti-wang."
by "Steve" December 26, 2007
Slang term for penis. See also: Cock, Dick, Pecker, One-Eyed Trouser Snake, One-Eyed Champ, the Purple Headed Warrior, and, of course, what your mother craves. With me. Last night.
"Man, you guys are a bunch of wangs"
"You've just been wanged"
"And, in other news, wang"

by "Steve" December 26, 2007

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