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When a large amount of women gather in a room and try to queef at the same time. (Usually exceeds about 4 women) If they succeed, the end result will be a large high pitched yet gaseous sound that can quite possibly break windows.
There was a queefarama over at the Playboy mansion the other day. I could tell because when I rode my bike past the place it smelled like old man jizz.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 06, 2007
When a male rubs his sweaty nutsack over an unsuspecting sleeping victims forehead, resulting in a sound that if spelled out in words would be "Squiffle Squaff"

Only works when the nutsack is sweaty. If not sweaty, it will not make a sound, it will just tickle the victims forehead.
I gave Martha a good squiffle squaff yesterday at that party.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 06, 2007

Also known as "Korgoth The Krab Keeper," is the original Emperor Of the Volcanus lands, also known as pridelands. He started the epic tale of snorkeling at the Cove and partaking in various nautical pastimes, while most teenagers and youngsters ridiculed the snorkeling sport, he brought it to a serious professional level. Now humans all around are trying to become part of this enchanting experience, when only true hardcore believers in the "Cobra Strike" may enchant the pridelands with their presence.

Nautical sports Korgoth has invented are:
1.Fish Punching
2.Giant Vagina Cave Inhabiting
3.Krab Keeping

Korgoth The Krab Keeper makes frequent appearances to the Volcanus Lands equipped with his underwater breathing apparatus and Level 61 Mermaid Feet. Be advised, he does not take kindly to homosexual looking men wearing speedos that run into him by accident without apology. Korgoth has been known to punch people in the chest very hard, and even worse, he may summon the most evil crabs of Emperor Island to attack his enemy.
Korgoth the Krab Keeper caught a crab, valliantly tied a long sea grass strand to it, and subdued the creature; Only to walk it as his own pet seconds later in front of angered lifeguards and animal rights activists.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 07, 2007
Also known as a "barnacle." This sea creature makes home to a sharp and hard surface, in which it hides in while not feeding. The reason it is called a "Volcanus" is because it resembles a Volcano and a Anus at the same time. They cling to rocks, whales, sharks, and other ocean dwellings. Known for a high bacterial content, most SCUBA divers and snorkelers wear gloves when traversing underwater reefs to protect their hands from being cut. If cut by a Volcanus, the injury will not heal completely for a few weeks, thanks to the high bacteria percentage in the creatures hard surface.

(Volkilnos the Volcanus Voyeur invented the term.)
Damnit, I stepped on a Volcanus and it cut my foot as I tried to board Volcanus Island 1.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 07, 2007
The term, when used in the Volcanus Island lore, refers to a method to attack fish.

In order to efficiently use a cobra strike, you must make your hand flat, and point your fingers out straight as rigid as possible. The immediate area in front of you, which is represented as a 2 foot invisible half circle in front of your chest, is known as the "Striking Zone." You then hold up your striking hand about 8 inches away from your chest. When a fish or other unsuspecting denizen of the ocean enters the "Striking Zone" you quickly thrust your hand forward at the creature and follow through with your arm in order for the strike to have full potential. If commited effectively, the cobra strike will leave the unsuspecting creature bruised, embarrased, downtrodden, and tantalized.
As the Giribaldi entered my striking zone, I gave it a Cobra Strike to teach it who's boss.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 07, 2007

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