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This is where you bang your poo.

This is how it goes: take a dump - it can't be any poop it has to be a fairly firm, but still slightly moist - poo that can be worked like clay.

Shape it into a poo-vag - meat curtians and all.

Carefully wrap it with plastic wrap or silicone paper (used for baking) and throw it into the freezer until it freezes solid.

When it's ready, take it from the freezer, peel back the Saran Wrap or silicone paper and have unwrapped it kind of like you're holding a taco or mini canoe. Now enjoy it slowly melting and falling apart all over you as your bring yourself to gooey multiple poogasms.
Her: What do you feel like doing tonight?

Him: A poopagina!

Her: Sweet! lets go to poopapalooza, I'll bring the towels!
by "Pamzilla" March 10, 2009

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