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2 definitions by "Kimberly"

A word totally mis-used and vary rarely used properly. Usually used for an overweight fat cow. A cow so ugly that only a mother could love her.

CORRECT meaning: Profoundly Horrifying And Terrifying!
Beda: Hey, did you see that?

Sweta: What?

Beda: I ain't sure, it went rolling by.

Sweta: Oh, you mean that PHAT chick!
by "Kimberly" March 26, 2007
A WANNA-BEE computer, actually just a graphic machine. It is the ONLY true windows machine. A window into the computing worl for those less educated. You know the ones, "hey how do I turn it on"?

No thinking required, no education required, just sit down and look at the pretty pictures. Graphics is its only strong point.

Only controls less than 6% of the market. So that means about 6% of the worlds computer society is illiterate.
Hey, com-er see da purty pictures, yur pc dont do this.

So what if I cant read, with my mac i can do anything, uh huh and if ya dont believe i'll learn ya.
by "Kimberly" March 26, 2007