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2 definitions by "D" in the house

When a person secretly wishes to be molested , or do the molesting, and/or inappropriately groped by the sweeping limb of another human or at least inadvertantly nuzzled by an passing, overly friendly cainine or primate
desperate, lonely, sexually repressed and frustrated single people. Wishes to be "perved upon". That guy purposedly reached across the table and brushed my breast on the way by. What a perv-luster
by "D" in the house April 21, 2011
when a woman goes out in puplic not knowing that her hair looks fine from the front and sides but is totally knarled up in the back .
Hey, your hair is sticking straight out the back of your head. You totally have sex-bed-head.
by "D" in the house April 21, 2011