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A rendition of the word "Microsoft" used by wannabe-hackers and computer luddites the world over.
"i woz using micro$hit windoze, da shame"
by !MNc99 March 24, 2005
1. Used to express out loud any overbearing feeling (angst, anger, surprise etc.)
-- From LiveJournal, first use c.1998, "blarg, it's hard"
2. General term of pain, usually followed by "im ded"
-- From *chan, first use undocumented
3. Dead or dysfunctional; killed.
-- From *chan, first use undocumented
1. Blarg, she'll be here in an hour! Where's the damn net?!
3. link blarg'd, reupload pls
by !MNc99 January 07, 2007
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