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The hardest 3 years of a childs life.Round up by mostly fake people who pretend to be your friend for the whole year but wind up stabbing you in the back within the last 3 months.Middle school is the time were girls turn into little sluts and go around looking for the biggest dick to suck.Same goes for little wanna-be gansta boys who will try to get in any girls pants with the biggest butt,but wind up failing.Middle school is a wasted 3 years of a kids life,since it is only an advanced version of everything you learned in elementary school.Middle school is full of teachers that think they know everything,but in reality,they only know so much.In middle school,there is no way of escaping drama,since it lurks in every corner.Overall,middle school is the gates of hell for any kid entering there pre-teens.Just keep to yourself,stay away from the popular kids,and find a group of friends you can actually stick to.

6th grade: Not too bad,its quite easy to make friends,since no one really doesnt know anyone.

7th grade: Now there are cliques,popular kids,nerds and just regular people....it only gets harder from here.

8th grade: The year were you find out who your true friends are.The year were you find out whose real and whose fake.The emotionial ending to your young teenage life.
Im in middle school and theres drama every single day.6th and 7th were fun,but now it aint no joke.
by !.jayjay.! May 02, 2009

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