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lil yogi refers to a small amount of the dairy substance

also a great name for a comedy rapper
ben -hey do you want some breakfast

francis - yeah but I'm not that hungry can I just have a lil yogi pleas
by fradawgballer November 25, 2016

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Can I eat your dick
My girl sent me a 👅 emoji I guess she wants my dick
by benji lover June 09, 2018

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One of the best figure skaters on the planet. He skates for team USA and is the only male known for landing several quads in his programs. He is extremely attractive as well.
Did you see Nathan Chen's program last night?!
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by lllemmonn January 18, 2018

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When yummy is ready
Mom; Heskeboy your dinner is ready!
Heskeboy: um yes please um no please
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by lilyungcylinder September 24, 2018

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To push large foreign object up ones private areas repetitively
Come here Gavin I'm going to michael your ass latah nibbah
by Natecruz July 20, 2019

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