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A video streaming website. Used to be a great site until its demise when it was bought out by google. Although google did some good things that we accept as the consumer, there were many changes that damaged YouTube. One of these was a bot that filters through every YouTube video in order to spot copyright infringement. Now thanks to google's lazy choice of using a bot over a human to do the copyright work, big companies saw this as a big money maker and censorship machine and had started to abuse this copyright system in order to care and harass YouTubers who critique on products, movies, etc. Currently (This will be an outdated event in the future) there are good people fighting back against this harmful and greedy scum that intend to create "bloodshed" for profit. And again, despite all of this bad stuff, YouTube is a great site and it will be even better if we help eliminate the problems affecting it.
John: Hey Tobias. Remember the guy that reacted to the Damn Daniel vines?
Tobias: Yeah. Did anything happen to him?
John: He had his reaction video and a couple of others taken down by a fake company named Merlin CDLTD. Theydon't care how much damage they do to YouTube, they just want the money because "Money talks"
Tobias: Ive heard of people rebelling against this scum and I'm part of the good fight! wanna help make YouTube great again?
John: Yeah! lets fight the good fight!
by dr.danger65 June 26, 2016

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The act of creating or watching YouTube videos or content.
"Person 1: "Hey, watcha doin?" Person 2: "Oh, I'm just youtubing..."
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by QQQQQddddaaaaaaaad April 19, 2018

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comes from "demon" (an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell)

"itization" (denoting the act, process, or result of doing something, or of making something)
It means the act of summoning demons.
Why did YouTube make this "demonitization" process?
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by Mr. Memeologist October 06, 2018

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A cringy Youtube channel run by a kid
Do you actually like ryantoyreview?
by anonwhyiseverynametaken April 22, 2018

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The Best Youtuber on the interwebs
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by DJ_Rounder December 19, 2018

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A very beautiful person, known for her lovely YouTube channel "RickiiTalks". She is hilarious, exciting, cool and seems fun to be around. She has a type of vibe that most people don't have. Be like Rickii, SHE IS POPPING!
Person #1: "Did you see Rickii's new video?"
Person #2: "No, Not yet."
Person #1: " You should watch it. It's so awesome."
by iluvrickii July 13, 2017

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A Big loser and the YouTube channel who will not overcome pewdiepie

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T-series is nothing but bich lasagna
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by Hayden_b10 January 23, 2019

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