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Eyan Le Ku Any Fucking Time. Colloquial Yoruba equivalent of YOLO. Means "an individual can die at any moment" and so they can act reckless a bit.
Bayo: "Are you watching your weight?"

Segun: "No, I'm going to eat to my heart content because ELKAFT"
by Heptad November 29, 2016

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It's like the word YOLO but on steroids and drugs. It literally stands for:

I'm gonna take out students loans and pay for me and my friends to go Ibiza and Tomorrowland. #YOLOGOLDFISH

I'm going to quit my job, leave my life in DC, and backpack to 18 countries in 9 weeks. YOLOGOLDFISH!
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by jgly March 21, 2019

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The original YOLO. The original way to say 'Don't give a shit, let's do stupid shit'.
It isn't YOLO. It's hakuna matata.
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by BabydollDame22 January 20, 2017

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You Only Live Once
Man 1: Yo! Dude I heard you broke your leg

Man 2: Yup, yolo!

The Wrong Way!

Dumbie: I love oreos! Yolo!

Smartie:Yolo means, you only live once.

Dumbie:No, it means you only live for oreos

Smartie:Nope, it isn yolfo, its yolo

Dumbie: Oh, never mind....
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by Deathly Dragon June 04, 2018

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very crazy confusing girl but is fun to be around
wow i want to be sydny martin boyfreind
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by harcat quinnman January 28, 2017

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a freakily woman who loves to do her nails. she lives in suburbia. she is a baddy, who loves to eat fries, and thats pretty much it. dont eat her food you might get E. coli.
yo, a little carrot just stole my fries!!!
nah man that's just caitlin margaret kennedy, a freakily woman who loves to do her nails. !!!
by ava amici June 05, 2018

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the opposite of rightsane where the word doesnt exist too.
"Do you even leftsane?", said Tom. "Nah i am more on the rightsane." by me.
by ikagod April 18, 2018

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