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Where you do yoga or was doing yoga.
I was yogaing and I...
by dcahnei October 10, 2018

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(1) A yoga position that is very difficult to accomplish correctly. Starting in warrior one clasp your hands behind your back and reach your hands toward the sky. Then lean forward and round your back.

(2) A person who cares about the well being of all equally; yet it may not always appear this way. That is because in serving all beings a humble warrior must look after their own well being first. After taking care of themselves a humble warrior will look after all those individuals closest to them. Then with a solid foundation strengthened and stabilized, a humble warrior will set out on missions to free other unrelated beings from suffering.
(1) I knew a Samurai who was a humble warrior. He was a master swordsman but chose to keep his sword sheathed during the vast majority of battles.
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by HumbleWarrior December 20, 2018

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A state of quasi-drunkenness following an intense yoga class.
Oh my gosh, I left my keys in the yoga studio. Yoga brain!
by Big poppa 62353456 October 07, 2016

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Noun. A portmanteau of yoga + vacation in which the primary motivation and activity for the vacation is to attend a yoga retreat or course.
Next week, I am going to India for a yogation where I will spend all my time at a 200-hr yoga teacher-training course.
by psdmccartney May 24, 2018

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A rare disease only held by blonde people who are called eoghan

These people are rare and highly retarded
Youve got fucking yogism you Jew
by Yogssis June 05, 2018

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