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An unfortunate, all-too-familiar act of sexual misconduct that often befalls the innocent children of trusting, but ignorant religious parents.
Q: Shall I light a votive candle for you at the service tonite?
A: Hey, that's a really nice gesture; how about you just go ahead and light a collective candle for the group of kids that got clergy fingered at that fucked up church of yours...
by YAWA March 14, 2018

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A family consisting of fucktards. This family has a tendency to perform late night orgys, be carefull though when joining these "orgys" as they involve a lot of fisting. The fisting has been a family tradition and is performed sometimes by the family dog, whose anal cavity can hold a basketball and much more. All of the family has dementia and in order to know if one of them is have an attack of autism you have to listen out for the french screeching which can be heard during the fisting orgys.
The Hommets got the cops called on them for being to loud during their fisting orgy.
by TheMexicanGardener August 01, 2018

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A Quad bike running someone over.
Can be used for any car or vehicle however.
Holy shit dude! Some guy just run quad my brother!
by SixDripp April 17, 2019

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Nobody truly knows what it means.

But it's like wumbo from spongebob
That jerk ocnaiderined my soup, I want him dead now.
by Urbanman100 March 22, 2019

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Someone who is rly high as FUCK! and is like actually not ok all the time. like she can be sniffing cocaine and then crying about air.
She's such a weirdo, she must be a Myra

lmao wtf she's such a myra
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by epicbossomglol123456 November 28, 2018

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girl who goes to Walmart and buys the biggest zucchini so she can shove it in her ass when she's bored. Eats a lot of Cheetos and smokes marijuana with elemantey school kids. Forgot about Halloween Last year so she handed out condoms. Thinks she's cool.
Wow u look like Billie this morning, you should really take some Vicodin!
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by Babykestones February 08, 2017

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When 2 or more people open their buttcheeks and lock them together, essentially touching buttholes and grinding for sexual pleasure.
Guy 1: Yeah, me and Tiffany hooked up last night
Guy 2: Sick, did you guys buttlock?
Guy 1: Yeah dude, she has a soft butthole
Guy 2: Nice...
by Mr. KindaSmartGuy May 13, 2019

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