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The face you text your friends when they say something cool has happened like there pregnant or there dad is lesbian
by Dr. Distrack January 01, 2019

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A girl who is slightly (maybe more ) crazy, definitely cringy, hair is always a mess, has giant glasses, likes doing art and special effects, has too many accounts on Social Media, loves penguins and llamas, is way to obsessed with jumping on her trampoline, is NOT a morning person, likes to binge watch a lot of different shows and is really tired in school all the time plus other random pointless details.
Ashley Applesauce is tired right now.
by Eat.the.apple.sauce.ashley June 17, 2018

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basicilly a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.
Wow Juderian
by Because I love urban November 02, 2016

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Wowzers!!!its more than just a wow! If you want to be a little more extra more than a wow say wowzers!!
"Wowzers!!! look at that 8'3 guy!!!"
by Littlebodybigheartfan July 10, 2017

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A HOT WHore with a huge ass!!
WOW I wanna date an Emma benoist
by BEnyyyyyyy September 23, 2017

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A expression of shock, owned by Annalise.
Oh my gosh stop!
by Zena005 May 09, 2018

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A boy with long hair and is tall.Shy around girls he likes but at bad boy.Best boyfriend and friend you can have
Omg it's leamanai
by Lola pop February 27, 2017

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