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To be permitted by your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse to stay late at work.
"Finally got a silicon ticket from the missus - time to get my hustle on!"
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by amscray October 09, 2017

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To retop shelves in a shop
I will retop the shelves
by Richard Tisboe March 21, 2017

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Something that Khuyen is not good at.
Khuyen does not do any fucking work when she goes to Mrs.Whitesells media arts class.
by ImAGeOsTrOm May 19, 2018

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To work remotely; to be located in a separate place from other coworkers or the company that employs you, on either a temporary or permanent basis.
“Do you have to go into the office to work?” “Nah, I remo”
by Weremo.co January 31, 2019

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