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A competition in which middle-classed, cisgender white women try to best bemoan the privilege and injustice of middle-classed, cisgender white men while talking past the actual troubles of people of color.
Did you hear Becky yelling at Chad over the environmental impact of driving a M3 two years newer than hers? She really won gold in the Woke Olympics for that one.
by torngc May 30, 2017

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A term meaning that something is opposing being woke.
"The president it so antiwoke, it's amazing!"
by kc_gotwood March 01, 2018

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Wokedox is the quality of being orthodox or inflexible regarding one's wokeness or progressive puritanism.
These wokedox millennials need to get a life.
by BubbaWalrus January 03, 2019

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Basically a college student, but with a twist. A debt-slave works hard at his/her studies, but is in serious debt.
After Charles finished his freshman year at Harvard, he was already a full blown Debt-Slave.
by A Sentient Toaster September 10, 2018

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When you see something on Facebook that you think might be insensitive, politically incorrect, or discriminatory but you decide to ask a friend before you blow it up.
Man, FB just came back with a woman as the first result when I searched for a .gif for “evil face”, can I get a woke check?
by leep_73 June 26, 2018

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A fine looking body part that compels you to suckle it ; can be any part of the body
"yo man when I saw her pingus, you knew I had to smash" - Abraham Lincoln
by Ant-Man yeet September 17, 2018

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When an intelligent individual is simply too WOKE for anybody to understand.
via giphy
by JustAnotherSchwokeNigga May 09, 2018

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