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A word that fits any context and can be applied aslong as there is a fitting corresponding action committed by another homo sapien.

Commonly used when something is beginning to become either awkward or strange or after a questionable performance of low iq is shared amongst humans.

can also be used to describe someone who commonly commits these acts without fail.
humans: *has normal conversation*
window: "yeh my nans dead"

humans: *exist*
window: "What kinda porn do you watch?"

humans: *walks down corridor*
window: *grabs person*

humans: *tries to get through the day without dealing with window*
window: *says something with such low iq you genuinely feel your grades go down in exams you had years ago*
by Hench man mikey June 08, 2019

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A toxic user which is on Roblox and likes to send hate, rape threats and pedo messages for some reason.
A well known user on the shitstake known as ACR, which is now shut down.
Person: yo windowsill363 is such a cunt
by emilytheslagg May 19, 2019

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Window secretly left unlocked, so that you can get back into your home or workplace if you forget the keys.
Don't forget to leave the Nigger window unlocked! Do you remember last time when we ended up using a pry bar?
by PoisonIvyWhere August 06, 2016

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A word meaning window in the deep south.
Close the damn winder. The raccoons are tryin to git out again.
by Jokay34 October 24, 2016

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