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A white female that acts and speaks like an African American and also tends to love having sex with others often. Never with the same man since they're not loyal and ain't really looking for a hookup (relationship) in the first place.
You know that girl named (Name). She's a fucking wigger thot.

-Shoutout to Keisha-
by Thot patrol on the role May 03, 2018

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Noun- a recovering wigger is a white male or female that is no longer a wigger (see wigger) they have gotten over the mental illess of believing they are back and now are trying to become a part of normal society. Back in the late 1990s there was a surge of wiggers as the century turned, the effects of 90s infulnced "black culture" has dimmed down Dramitacily as society has now learned inheriting black culture has caused a cascade of negative effects on the general society.
Bill is a recovering wigger
by 2016ldh November 15, 2016

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1. a white person who acts as a nigger. 2. a white person who is trying to be black. 3. any white caucasian person.
the wigger thought he had a huge penis.
by addake December 02, 2018

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A white person who is afraid of black people so they imitate them and they are weak minded
Hey white boy you got something to say naw bro I’m cool homie im a wigger
by ikn0wikn0w July 24, 2018

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A 90s term to describe white people who wanna be black
Stfu Wigger yo new track ain’t fire
by Joss Duke July 16, 2019

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