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by Your Bad Decisions October 01, 2018

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A boring, giant word document that is irrelevant but I need to spend $5 to watch the documentary for an english project on youtube.
"Oh I'm going to watch a fun documentary on a linotype"
-no one ever
by idfk1234567890123456 November 29, 2017

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Why is this even here
Me why is this here
Alyssa I dunno
Urban dictionary BECAUSE IT CAN
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by Savannahbella11 February 24, 2017

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It means "Social Justice Warrior."

Someone who thinks, gay over straight, women over men, etc, etc, when in reality everyone is equal. They get triggered very easily and can think that even being a white male is a sexist act.
Male: Can I return this sweater, please?
SJW: What's your reason?
Male: Well, I think it's too small, and-
SJW: Okay, okay! No need to yell! I'm getting it!
Male: Um, what?
SJW: You don't understand, you're being really sexist.
Male: ... 'kay
That may have been exaggerated, but not by a lot.
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by Ijustwantedtopostsomething April 13, 2017

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This word is used for people doing something stupid or that thing.
"Why? Did you do that?!? Ughhhh"
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by Why?69 June 22, 2018

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A feeling that is close to being sick, that happens during spring. Kelly is a hoe
I has pollen fever fam
by xXFamSquadXx March 14, 2018

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I still love you😭💔
Girl:I dont love you anymore

Boy:I dont love you too
by I don't like you anymore January 26, 2017

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