#white trash

Top Definition
1. The act of being harassed and belittled as a result of having one's own white skin colour noticed after expressing an opinion.

2. The act of having one's ethnicity purposely conflated with other ethnicities that coincide with one's skin tone of white.

3. A common racial slur against white-skinned people that is used amongst racists whose skin colour is not white.

4. A form of imagination resulting from delusion and greed among unsuccessful people who are lacking in critical thinking skills.

5. A mythical phenomenon in African American communist folklore that is said to deal out magic to people with a very light skin tone.

6. A type of Neo-Liberal propaganda tactic that is used to secure political votes from people holding a minority ethnicity, exclusing white-skinned minorities, and by means of disseminating the concept that racism is a mainstream tenant of North American society in the present day.
1. That man's opinion is negligible due to his 'white-privilege.'
2. That disabled, orphaned Ukrainian boy has 'white-privilege' because of the colour of his skin.
3. That white trash should be shut up because he has 'white-privilege.'
4. 'White-privilege' is responsible for all of the problems in my life.
5. Stanislaus Piotrkiewicz is visited secretly at night when the 'white-privilege' comes to visit, bringing him good fortune.
6. 'White-privilege' is responsible for the ongoing slave-trade in Vancouver, Canada.
by Steven Brinks December 23, 2017

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The scum off the bottom of your shoes
Man I got zyndelle on my shoes
by Killermiller5140 July 15, 2017

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The shitty type of Americans who post rich kid snapchats and buy vanilla pudding.
My friend is white trash
by watermelonballs June 05, 2017

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A male (typically Caucasian) who owns more than 14 firearms, consisting largely of assault rifles and other arms designed for killing people, not for sport or hunting, and who can't stop talking about them and the 2nd amendment. Also a member of the NRA and a Trump supporter. Typically found in more rural areas or outer suburbs, including Blaine, Anoka and Coon Rapids.
I'm so tired of all the gun guys on Tinder. All they want to do is sit around drinking Fireball and talking about how guns don't kill people, people kill people. And Crooked Hillary, everything is either her fault, or Obama's.
by Jack3000 March 10, 2018

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Someone who thinks there black and talks like they are even thought they are white as fuck
Yo that guy is such a dannydouche
by Richey M June 06, 2018

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