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Average white guy, generally overweight. Wears low-cut converses or vans with socks sticking out, cargo shorts, and wears short sleeves button shirts with exotic designs. Eats food off of other people's plates. Changes in the bathroom stalls of locker rooms. Listens to Coldplay and generally works at movie theaters and fast food restaurants. Is in the school band and wrestling.
That guy in the khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirt just took my a crab leg off plate! He's such a Doug Johnson.
by JaredFagle January 09, 2017

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Big peep and white, EXTREMELY WHITE. HE GOT GUNS AND SHIT LIKE FuuuuuuuucK
Person: H-
Shayne: Wanna se my guns, yEehAw

Person: B-
Shayne: YEE YEE

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The white guy that is so white that even white people call him the whitest person they ever met. Fake wanna be cereal brand and always wears write boy Barcroft merch. Sucks at Basketball and everything to do with physical activities. Sucks at any iphone game pigeon games and Reece's only friend is some random kid that is Jamaican. Loves to go on instagram and has a sister who is a famous insta personality. Has a best friend named elliott. Has this kid that starts with A K in his english class who is a god.
Cole:Damn look at that kid with the khakis

Matthew: Yeah OMG he's such a Reece
by Big Big Big Man November 19, 2018

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Any age white male is refered to as a white boy. A typical white boy is just white and skinny.
Hey Taylor, look at that skinny white boy
by Martisha June 03, 2018

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A retarded white boy who has a small penis who has the most ugliest face. He is in desperate need of braces but he can get a girlfriend because every girl feels bad for him
Damn You Ugly Like Nick
by RealBlah May 08, 2018

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A very white person.
Look at the honky tonks taking their kids to soccer practice in their minivans.
by HobonamedRich April 07, 2017

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The whitest person you will ever meet. Emre's will often wear simply southern, drink Starbucks, and have messy buns. Most of the time Emre's will were leggings in the winter time even if it's against the dress code. USE'S THE WORD LITERALLY IN EVERY SENTANCE
Person: what

by JwackG September 15, 2016

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